• Lakshadweep School Games:-

    Lakshadweep School Games is one of the prestigious programme of the Department organised for the student community studying in 6th to 12th standards. It gives a wide platform for the students to exhibit their talents in Sports & Games. The games were started in the year 1990. Around 700 students participate in the Lakshadweep School Games. Track & Field Events, Swimming, Football, Volleyball, Badminton, Throwball, Tenni - koit, etc. are conducted. The players to represent Lakshadweep in the National School Games organised by the School Games Federation of India is selected from Lakshadweep School Games.

  • National School Games:-

    The Department depute Lakshadweep Teams to participate in the National School Games organised by School Games Federation of India. Lakshadweep Tennisball Cricket Team secured 2nd Runner Up Trophy in the National School Games Tennis Ball Cricket Championship held at Moradabad during 2014.

  • Subroto Cup International Football Tournament:-

    Lakshadweep Teams are also participating in the Subroto Cup International Football Championship organised by Subroto Mukerjee Sports Education, Society every year. The teams were selected from the U.T. level Subroto Mukerjee Selection Tournament

  • Administrators Prize Money Tournaments:-

    Administrators Prize Money Tournament is one of the regular activities of the Department for the Youth of Lakshadweep. Football, Volleyball & Badminton championships are conducted under the Prize Money Tournament.

  • Inter Zone Tournaments:

    Inter Zone Tournaments in Kabbadi, Cricket & Badminton (Women) is conducted every year for the Youth of Lakshadweep.

  • National Participation:-

    Lakshadweep Island State Sports Council provides financial assistance to the Sports Associations such as Lakshadweep Athletics Association, Lakshadweep Football Association & Lakshadweep Aquatic Association for representing Lakshadweep Teams in National / Junior National Games.

  • Island Level Inter Junior Basic School Sports & Arts Festival :-

    Island Level Inter Junior Basic School Sports & Arts Festival is one of the regular activities organized by the Department for the students of standard 1st to 5th. The competitions are between the Junior Basic Schools of the Island. There are Sports as well as Cultural Events for the competition

  • Civil Service Tournaments :-

    The Department also deputes teams for Civil Service Tournaments in Swimming, Football, Badminton etc. Lakshadweep swimming men team bagged overall winner trophy consecutively in 2014 & 15 in Men category and Runner Up in 2016.

  • Coaching Camps:-

    The Department of Sports & Youth Affairs regularly conducts coaching camps in Football, Volleyball, Swimming & Athletics for the students and Youth. The coaches available with the department, camps one - two weeks at each Island on rotation basis for conducting coaching camps.

  • Khelo India:-

    The centrally sponsored Scheme is carried out in Lakshadweep by the Department of Sports & Youth Affairs.

  • National Cadet Course (NCC) :-

    The Department of Sports & Youth Affairs have NCC troops in all Islands Except Bitra, Chetlath and Kiltan. One senior division troop is also attached to Jawaharlal Nehru Govt. Senior Secondary School Kadmath. Approval from the MoD has been obtained for starting a Naval NCC unit at Kavaratti. The following activities are carried out annually.

    1. Deputes 6 NCC Cadets for Pre – RD Camp annually.
    2. Organize National Integration Camp: Around 250 NCC Cadets from other states along with 35 NCC Cadets from Lakshadweep participate in the National Integration Camp.
    3. Annual Training Camp:- 50 NCC Cadets from each unit participate in the annual Training Camp. This year the camp is scheduled at Kadmath Island during January 2018.
    4. The department also deputed NCC cadets several times for adventure
  • National Service Scheme:-

    The Department is looking after the NSS Units attached to Ser. Sec. School in all Islands except Bitra. All the programmes of NSS are organized by the Department.

    1. Deputes 10 (5 Boys & 5 Girls) for Pre – RD Camp annually.
    2. Special Camp: 7 days special camp is organized annually for the NSS students in each unit.
    3. The department also deputed NSS Students several times for adventure camps
  • Scout & Guides:-

    The Department is looking after the Scout & Guides activities. There are 7 units of Scouts and 3 units of Guides at present.

  • National Celebrations:-

    The Department organizes various activities during the National Celebration days such as Republic Day, Independence Day etc. The programmes of students such as mass formation, Band Display, March Past by the cadets etc are well appreciated by the spectators.

  • Swatch Bharath Camp:-

    3 days Swatch Bharath Camp is organized by the Department from 2016 onwards in all Islands. The NCC, NSS, Scout & Guides clean the Islands including beach for these 3 days and collects the degradable & non bio degradable wastes separately.

  • Annual Sports:-

    The Department organizes Annual Sports Competition for the students annually

  • Cycle Rally:-

    Cycle Rally is being organized by LISSC for the Girls Students on 1st November from 2016 onwards as a part of the Celebration of Lakshadweep Formation Day.


    On November 1st a mini Marathon is being organized every year in all Islands as a part of Lakshadweep Formation Day Celebration and the winners are awarded with cash prize.

  • Kayaking (K2) Competition:

    The department has organized Kayaking (K2) competitions for Boys & Girls separately at Kavaratti on November 1st as a part of Lakshadweep Day Celebration.

  • Tug of War:-

    The department has organized Tug of War competition for for the youth at Kavaratti on November 1st as a part of Lakshadweep Day Celebration and also a friendly competition between Panchayath functionaries & Lakshadweep Administration.

  • Fitness Awareness Camp:-

    Fitness awareness camp for 10 days in each Island is conducted by the Department for the Government Employees for giving an awareness about the importance of fitness and the activities and exercises to be done for keeping fit.


    All the Govt. Ser. Secondary Schools are attached with a football Ground. Most of the schools also have Volleyball Grounds. Besides this the department has the following Infrastructures also.

    Island Indoor Sports Hall Fitness Center Tennis Court Basketball Court
    Agatti - 1 - -
    Amini 1* 2* (1 gents & 1 Ladies) - -
    Andrott 1 1 - 1
    Bitra - - - -
    Chetlath 1 1 - -
    Kadmath - - - -
    Kalpeni 1 1 - -
    Kavaratti 1 2 (1 Gents & 1 Ladies) 1 1
    Kiltan - - - -
    Minicoy 1* 1 - -

    * Under Construction & in finishing stage.

  • Lakshadweep Island State Sports Council:-

    The Lakshadweep Island State Sports Council is fully administered and run by the Department of Sports & Youth Affairs. The Department provides Gant In Aid to LISSC for its functioning. The LISSC runs the indoor Sports Halls, Fitness Centers and also conducts various tournaments & programmes for the development of Sports & Games for students as well as Youth.